Sunday, February 17, 2013

Recreational Items from Unfortunate Events

The Hammer Museum in Westwood hosted an exhibition titled Recreational Items from Unfortunate Events that ended today.  It was centered around a collection of piñatas that were made by Sarah Bay Williams and based on a number of "unfortunate events", and the piñatas were on display in the museum until today, when they were ceremoniously smashed apart.  The bashing symbolized a catharsis, or a sort of letting go of attachment to the event each piñata was connected to.

Given how we're looking at digital storytelling in #ETMOOC, I wanted to share this with the class.  Though it's not technically "digital" storytelling, I enjoyed this approach to telling a story and engaging with it and think that it could lend itself to digital stories in interesting ways.  It's given me some ideas to think about, as I continue to develop storytelling as a tool, including the potential value of cartharsis in a story (especially for Classical myth!).